My version of multi-media is clay combined with crocheting—in this case a pinch pot smoothed and burnished on the outside with raku glaze on the inside. Holes punched when the pot was leather hard. Collar crocheted on, shells and shell fragments added. This was the first one I made and now I can’t stop. Crocheting is a soothing pastime when curled up on the couch in the evening. Ran out of “real” shells with holes in them so tried drilling but shells, even small thin ones, are tough. The drill bit got too hot so we sprayed water while drilling just like those people who kept cutting up the concrete outside my old office in Yaletown, an area of Vancouver where the warehouses have been demolished to make way for trendy condos. Too much noise and too many broken shells so I made my own pseudo-shells out of porcelain clay. These will do until I get back to the beaches of Denman Island.

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