Gordon Hutchens on DVD

hutchens dvdBeginning Raku with Gordon Hutchens is a well-produced instructional video that takes us through each step in the raku process (including building a raku kiln) in just 60 minutes, without appearing to hurry. First Hutchens makes three pots, two slab-built and one thrown, then he discusses the bisque firing, then he glazes and decorates the pots and then he takes us outside where he shows us how to make a raku kiln out of a 45-gallon metal drum, and then, after a brief discussion about safety (no synthetic clothes and make sure you don’t catch your beard on fire), he fires his pots. This DVD is labelled “for beginners” and beginners will certainly find everything here that they need (including inspiration), to start raku firing, but I’ve participated in many raku firings and I still found it both instructional and enjoyable—it’s always fun to watch a great artist work and Hutchens, even when making three simple pots, encourages a looseness and openness that we should all aspire to. The DVD also contains a printable file of the recipes for four raku glazes and the plans for the kiln that he builds. What a deal!

Gordon Hutchens is a well-established and much-admired Canadian potter who lives and works on Denman Island where he has built an anagama kiln.

You can order the DVD from potteryvideos.com, an outfit on Gabriola Island, along with it’s sequel, Variations on Raku.

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