Found pot

pot found on the beach

Yesterday a fellow potter Elizabeth Harris Nichols found this small bowl (shown here beside a wine bottle cork) on the beach at Cates Park and brought it into our communal studio. The bowl was cold and damp and, when Elizabeth found it, was full of worms and beach debris. The red-brown clay it was made from is rough and groggy and the bowl looks like it was wheel-thrown, although there’s a fragment of shell embedded in the outside edge. The surface is free of fingerprints but evidence of the maker’s touch is there in brushstrokes of reddish-brown slip both inside and out and the circle of white slip or glaze that was painted on the inside.

It’s difficult to put into words the feeling I got when I held the bowl and turned it over and back, looking at and feeling the shape and the surface, and speculating as to how and where it was made. I could see and feel the movement of the maker’s hand as he or she brushed on the slip, and it felt as if the maker was somehow communicating with me through this humble vessel.

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    Once I found an acorn squash and a leek at Newbrighton park, now, with my new find I have something to put these vegetables in.

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