33 ways to play with the surface of clay

book coverSurface Decoration: Finishing Techniques, another in the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series, could be subtitled “thirty-three ways to play with the surface of clay” because it consists of thirty-three essays that describe a wide range of techniques, from simply impressing and incising texure into leatherhard clay using just about anything you can think of, to more complex techniques like  transferring images to clay using photosensitive plates or even transferring images to paper from a large slab of clay. A couple of the essays describe techniques that are so specialized that I can’t see them working for more than a few people, but the rest could be applied to many different styles of work. The essays are well-written and well-illustrated and I could see how much fun it would be to use it in a class setting where different students would get excited by different techniques, although this would also be a good reference book for beginner potters who don’t have their own techniques worked out yet or for intermediate potters who are looking for a jumping-off place.

Surface Decoration: Finishing Techniques
Ceramic Arts Handbook Series
Edited by Anderson Turner
Published by The American Ceramic Society

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