Day 14: Leaving Nicaragua

Adios Nicaragua
At 5 am it’s still dark as Ivan dri­ves us to the air­port. Inside the van no one is talk­ing and out­side groups of peo­ple out for a bit of exer­cise walk briskly along the median of the almost-emtpy divided high­way and some­times spill out into the fast lane.

In the depar­ture lounge I try to spot a tourist but every­one seems to be from either an NGO or a church group and most sound like they’re American. The in-flight movie stars Jennifer Aniston and takes place in Seattle, but sud­denly Jennifer is hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with her lead­ing man in front of the Water Street Café, which is across the street from my office in Vancouver. In another part of the movie one of the char­ac­ters finds redemp­tion at a Home Depot which could be any­where except per­haps Nicaragua. I’m glad that cul­ture shock is being dulled by the fog­gi­ness of my sleep-deprived brain.

At my daughter’s place in L.A. I pull out the comal I bought from Benita back on Day 2 and test it out on the gas stove. The tor­tillas are deli­cious and I vow never to eat store-bought again. When I get back to Vancouver I put some of the pot­tery I brought back into the dis­play case out­side the com­mu­nal stu­dio where I work on week­ends and every time I look at them I fall in love again with the soft, warm, wel­com­ing beauty of my Nicaraguan pots.

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