Ceramic Projects: Forming Techniques, reviewed

Ceramic Projects

Ceramic Projects

If you’re an intermediate potter who is looking for ways to expand your repertoire or a pottery teacher who needs to satisfy more experienced students, the 26 projects in Ceramic Projects, Forming Techniques will keep you busy. Included are an extruded lotion dispenser, a citrus juicer, lanterns and lights, several innovative teapots, three-piece pots, and joined pots. The step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photos, are easy to follow and the forms are simple enough that it would be a natural next step to encourage oneself or one’s students to modify them and thus move toward a personal style. Many of the essays begin with a reflection on how the author/potter came to a technique or design—valuable information for potters who are ready to move past imitation and on to making their own unique work. The best of these is an essay by Annie Chrietzberg who describes how one of her students took Chrietzberg’s technique of slab-built mugs and, by adding thrown elements and linocut texture, came up with mugs that, while inspired by Chrietzberg’s, bear little resemblance to them. Whether you just need new ideas or if you’re ready to spread your wings and take off with your own designs, Ceramic Projects will be a big help.

Published by The American Ceramics Society
ISBN 978-1-57498-307-4
136 pages / $29.95 US

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