Wheel Throwing with Nan Rothwell, worth the price?

Wheel Throwing coverWheel Throwing with Nan Rothwell consists of a series of project-based instructional sessions that starts with cylinders and bowls and moves on to more specialized work such as a berry bowl, a sushi set, a two-piece pitcher, an oval utensil holder and a lamp base. Rothwell also shows some creative ways to use a wiggle wire.

She is an experienced teacher and her instructions and demonstrations are easy to follow and very specific—so much so that it feels like you would want to have the DVD running while you sit at your wheel and attempt to follow along, although this might not be practical (think of what those wet clay fingerprints would do to the remote).  In one section Nan uses a power drill to make holes in a leather hard berry bowl, a technique that may seem like overkill.

I loaned the DVDs to one of my beginner throwing students and she felt that the absolute basics of throwing, which is what she needs, were passed over too quickly; for an experienced thrower like myself, the focus was too narrow to provide me with more than the odd tip.

That leaves intermediate throwers, who will certainly learn to make the projects that are demonstrated, but it will cost them a hefty $69.95—money that might be better spent paying for hands-0n instruction from a teacher like Nan. You can watch excerpts from this DVD series at ceramicartsdaily.org.

Ceramic Arts Daily Video Library
Published by The American Ceramic Society
2 hours 32 minutes
2 DVD set / $69.95

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