Sandi Piernatozzi wants us to try something different

what if dvd coverIn the DVD set What If? Explorations with Texture and Soft Slabs, Sandi Piernatozzi’s demonstrates how working with soft slabs can open up infinite possibilities in both shape and texture. As beginners we were taught to make a cylinder by forming  a slab around a vertical form (and don’t forget to cover the form with paper first!) and then somehow smooth the wall join and add a bottom. But what if you don’t use a form at all, you just join the wall, add a bottom slab, and make the open top round by gently pushing a funnel into it? It’s easier to join the wall when there’s no bottom in the cylinder and you’re then free to break away from round and try any shape that takes your fancy. Then you could try stretching out the wall of the cylinder from the inside to form a belly and perhaps you could cut a couple of gussets in the sides to bring the shape back in.

And what if, before you shape the slab, you apply some lovely texture from netting, stamps or a car floor mat? Would you worry about the texture being marred when you shape the form? Don’t be—that texture is tougher than you think and variations in it will make a more interesting surface.

Along with sound technical information about how to texture, join, gusset and shape soft slabs, Piernatozzi encourages us to ask the question “what if?” (What if I turn this shape upside down? What if I add a shape on top of this shape? What if I put a lid on it?) and it is this repeated invitation to experimentation that makes these DVDs much more than just technical demonstrations. They can be a starting point from which you make your own forays into (or back into) the wonderful world of creating with slabs.

You can watch excerpts from this DVD series here.

Ceramic Arts Daily Video Library
The American Ceramic Society
3 hours  / 2 DVD set / $69.95

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