Elizabeth Harris Nichols: from anteater to salmon eater

sculpture in progressbear eating salmon sculpture

The sculpture on the left is the first thing I saw at the studio yesterday and I kidded Elizabeth, its maker, about sculpting anteaters now (anteaters are funny, right?). Over the course of the afternoon, Elizabeth turned the anteater into a bear eating a salmon and, at the same time, she threw a series of water jugs. Between jugs, or whenever she needed a break, Elizabeth spent a few minutes working on the sculpture and then she went back to her water jugs. No big deal. Elizabeth makes lots of bears (you can see more of them here) in different poses but this is the first one I’ve seen interacting with another creature. She told me that while she was working on the anteater-like version, she turned to talk to someone for a few minutes and the sculpture flopped over and partially collapsed and when it was pushed back into place it had acquired the movement that brought it alive. Elizabeth’s loose and fearless way of working is an inspiration to myself and others in the studio and her influence was probably one reason that I was able to wing it during the demo that I talk about in my previous blog post.

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