Down the rabbit hole

A few months ago, I went down the internet rabbit hole while I was searching for information on wood firing and I found these unrelated but cool videos:

Dance on the Circle
In this video,¬†Russian artist Mikhail Sadovnikov works with a thin layer of wet clay on a rotating pottery wheel. He uses different sponges and turns the table at different speeds to create different designs. As he works, a camera records him from above to show his dramatic and beautiful transformations. It’s pretty hypnotic so it’s a great way to chill out after a hard day.

Pendulum Glazing
I had never heard of pendulum glazing until¬† I happened upon this video. It’s a great example of how potters think up weird and wonderful ways to make things happen. I wish we could see the finished bowls.

Special Bowl for Lox and Bagels
This video is my favourite because it’s just plain wacky, plus it has the element of surprise. It’s well worth the 4-second wait before you can skip the annoying ad that precedes it.

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