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Welcome to the Mud Room, one potter’s musings about working with clay.

In 2000, when Patty Osborne returned to clay after a twenty-year hiatus during which she looked at and thought about pots but didn’t touch clay, she discovered that somehow she had become a better potter—without having to make a lot of bad pots. Even though she loves working with clay, Patty hasn’t quit her day job, part of which is described at and another part of which involves working on Geist magazine. This journal is an attempt to wed two infuriating pursuits: pottery and writing.

This site owes much of its design and programming to Stephen Osborne, who is the proprietor of and the brother of Patty Osborne. Much help with the gallery popup windows was also supplied by someone who lives in the Philippines and goes by the name of glenngv on and is willing to spend his time making my site work. Thanks, glenngv.

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  1. roger clown
    Posted April 23, 2015 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    okay… so i love best the tall flutey vases (vayses and vahses, both)(bahsil and baysil, ditto) then the happy-to-be-settled-in teapots. raku scares me a bit because of the chanciness of it all and the chaotic busyness (considering that’s my life…?!) of the result.

    i’m on the android so some of the site meandering (gallery) didn’t work for me.

    and i see your point about blog first to be seen then the rest. reminded me you saying put the core statement-image-title right up front; i see you’re a potter, blogging.

    cold here for april. can you pot snow?!


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