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A Tale of Two Nicaraguan Piggy Banks

Clay piggy banks are a tradition in Nicaragua and it is not unusual to see an entire kiln load of them. I was told that Nica children receive clay piggy banks (without holes in the bottom) on their birthdays and at the end of the year they break them, spend the money, and are given […]

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Down the rabbit hole

A few months ago, I went down the internet rabbit hole while I was searching for information on wood firing and I found these unrelated but cool videos: Dance on the Circle In this video,┬áRussian artist Mikhail Sadovnikov works with a thin layer of wet clay on a rotating pottery wheel. He uses different sponges […]

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Elizabeth Harris Nichols: from anteater to salmon eater

The sculpture on the left is the first thing I saw at the studio yesterday and I kidded Elizabeth, its maker, about sculpting anteaters now (anteaters are funny, right?). Over the course of the afternoon, Elizabeth turned the anteater into a bear eating a salmon and, at the same time, she threw a series of […]

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Slabs, textures, buttons: I saw it on my TV!

My daughter-in-law loves the bluish mug on the right and I know this because she wrote me a note saying that if she had made a mug like this she would write a blog post about it, so that’s what I’m doing. This is a new design for me (I usually throw my mugs) and […]

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Found pot

Yesterday a fellow potter Elizabeth Harris Nichols found this small bowl (shown here beside a wine bottle cork) on the beach at Cates Park and brought it into our communal studio. The bowl was cold and damp and, when Elizabeth found it, was full of worms and beach debris. The red-brown clay it was made […]

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