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A Tale of Two Nicaraguan Piggy Banks

Clay piggy banks are a tradition in Nicaragua and it is not unusual to see an entire kiln load of them. I was told that Nica children receive clay piggy banks (without holes in the bottom) on their birthdays and at the end of the year they break them, spend the money, and are given […]

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DAY 1: Nicaraguan Journal

Potters for Peace is an NGO that works with sub­sis­tence pot­ters in Nicaragua and once a year they orga­nize a “brigade” of peo­ple, usu­ally pot­ters, from other coun­tries (mostly North America) who travel through the Nicaraguan coun­try­side to visit small pot­ter­ies there. I have travelled on the brigade twice, and both journeys were unfor­get­table. This […]

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Nooks and crannies can be evil

I tried out a couple of these little jugs with the idea that this might be a design that some of my potter friends in Nicaragua could use. The potters there have few tools and they wood-fire at a low temperature because they cannot afford to use a lot of wood or any electricity. Burnishing […]

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Wonky shelves

I got the idea for these clay shelves from the Loma Panda pottery in Nicaragua, a place that I visited last winter. The Loma Panda version included nine handmade mugs, three per shelf, but several of their “seconds” (the ones that warped when fired) were hung on the wall of the studio and filled with […]

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